Jesse Reno

Jesse Reno lives and works in his home studio in Portland, Oregon.

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click here to watch my speech at the 2016 NAEA Convention in Chicago discussing my work.

i am a self taught mixed media painter. ive been supporting myself from my art for the last 12 years. in that time ive created over 4000 paintings. my prices have risen 1000%. i have soled almost 90% of everything i have created. i have been the sole manager of my career with no business background. i have shown in over 100 galleries. i have taught my techniques and ideas about painting extensively in the us, canada, australia, and mexico. i do not do commercial work. i only take on work where i am free to create as i wish and be myself. i have never pre planned or conceptualized a painting in my entire career. i could tell you alot of stories..

more then one hundred times this year i have found understanding through seemingly random shapes, colors, and markings. i find myself writing words before i understand their meaning, trusting i will be wise enough to understand them in time. magic does not reveal itself easily. when trying to see the future our eyes must be given time to adjust. to find our true purpose we must ask many questions of ourselves. we must observe ourselves without judgment. we must allow ourselves to become ourselves. preconceived plans lead to preconceived outcomes. to find something new we must move without bounds. there are no hard questions for truth.

my story is about trial, error, changing directions, persistence of ideas, letting intention guide you rather than chasing outcomes and always remembering your purpose. being aware of connections between your past and present to realize your real desire and learning to chase it. learning it is far easier to do the impossible if you love it than it is to do something comprehendable that you just don't like. accepting who you really are what you really want and then becoming it fully. the practice of painting has taught me and brought me all of this. using abstract painting to find expressed and personally meaningful imagery by letting your feelings guide you to what feels right beyond concieved ideas and outcomes and ultimately decide the meaning of finished.

for me painting is - finding treasure - what it is - what it means - if you know what you are looking for you will find it - burying something in the ground and digging it up doesn't make it treasure - the best treasure is unknown - it is true - it is a lesson - this gold is like the sun - not a simple coin for sale - this is a story you truly don't know - you write it from feeling rather than knowing - you understand it like joy and despair - not like math - as there is no equivalent. the chaos of volcanoes, the collapse of an avalanche, the weight of an anchor. the idea of buoyancy over balance. some locks do not open with keys. this is a world where candy canes grow at the tops of mountains. freedom comes from belief and choice, and all things are connected

to create expressed and meaningful work it is important for us to engage our emotions in an unrestrained way an undefined way. this allows the work to posses emotion in a way that is open to people. to effect the viewer in undefined ways that are personally moving. allowing them to engage and be affected in there own terms.

when we view art it is a feeling that moves us.. to reduce art to a formula or equation would be to reduce our understanding. we are not math we are not logic this is what makes us human this is what makes us animal.. instinct gut feelings emotions. logic is for figuring out things that are sequential and repeatable.. emotions are individual or based on time circumstance and personal connection. these are things that can not be logistified so we should not use logic to engage emotions. this is corrupt and will not bring us truth or being. its is understanding our emotions for what they are that makes us whole and creates balance not an equation.

learning to move with mistakes rather than seeking to make the perfect move, this is what teaches us fluidity or boyancy.. this moves us away from equations that convince us of righteousness. this righteousness blinds us to our choices, it leaves us feeling low when we have not chosen as perfectly as we thought.. so in contrast by choosing to try things knowing we will later fix them leaves us to move from a position of thinking searching and overcomming learning each time from our mistakes, learning the value of our mistakes.

shamanic depressive
magic is anxious - waiting isnt easy - the time between visions is slow - what will happen next - what will you tell me - dancing in the fire - there is a man inside the wood - smake ring - candy cane - whale bones - a horese with a hammer - a volcanoe inside - canoes - eyes like mirrors - geometry is not sacred - write a new spell - wish... this is never never land - you will know who you are when you are free - then you must choose - you are here now... this is hard to remember...

this is why we continue to chase - search for new vision - there is no glory in stopping - one wish greater then the last - hunt - this is the reward - ask gods not men - even kings can not grant the wishes of gods - you were born of stars wolves and fawns - lions eyes - the future is alive...

burn in the end - disolve the spells with ash - no king will take the mans work - the soil will be remembered by those who fed it

contemporary primitive abstract narrative
contemporary primitive - of the present, searching for understanding through introspection, a basic wisdom of things based on connection to ones ideas ideals and dreams rather then institutional, or technological knowledge based on intracacies..

abstract narrative - a visual narrative derived from the interpritation of creations made up of intuative actions manifesting as abstract shapes, forms and emotions. a process without preconcieved plans just a thought and feeling following one after the other to become an idea.. changing directions as forms emerge to find an idea free from judgement, something true in and of itself. from this a world of personal myth, iconography, symbols and beings are created. observiing these creations as they emerge as well as noting there transitions and final meaning one learns to understand what has been stated. through this understanding we see the syncronicity of moments and coincidence in life. a visual narrative where enviorment, being, and understanding all come from the interpritation of this visual diary. a story of potential, growth, and self destiny.


Jupiter Gallery - Portland, OR
Portland5 center for the arts - Portland, OR

Coos Art Museum - Coos Bay, OR
The Last Bookstore - Los Angeles, CA

Parlor Gallery - Asbury Park, NJ
Rotofugi - Chicago, IL

In3Arts Gallery - Metz, France

Galleria Dante - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
RiverSea Gallery - Astoria, OR

Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago, IL "Wolves Tails Crossed Arrows and Canoes"
Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Rougette Gallery- Rockland, Maine
In3Arts Gallery- Metz, France
Galeria Dante- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Galeria Dante- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Ayden Gallery- Vancouver, B.C. "When Free Will Becomes Destiny"

BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA

19 Karen Gallery - Mermaid Beach, Australia
bG Gallery - "Food Show" - Santa Monica, CA
Monster Drawing Rally III at the Portland Art Museum - Portland, OR

Portland 5 - OSU - Corvalis, OR
Ghost Movements - True Measure Gallery - Portland, OR

Idillwild Arts -- Idillwild, CA

Rotofugi - 10th Anniversary - Chicago, IL

AFK Gallery - Lisbon, Portugal
Lequivive Gallery, "Neufolk Revival" - Oakland, CA

Galeria Exodo - San Juan, Puerto Rico
Artisti Galerie - France
Lillie Art Fair - France

Together Gallery- "LAX/PDX" curated by Thinkspace - Portland, OR
Artisti Galerie - "New York" - France
Illiterate Gallery - Denver, Colorado

L'Art Partage - "Self Taught Artist Festival" - Rives,France
Art contemporain - "Exposition Au-dessous des Volcans" - Muriac, France
Grand Baz'Art à Bézu - "Outsider Art International Festival" - Bézu St Eloi, France
Strychnin Gallery - "Edge of Love" - Berlin,Germany

Gallery Roth - San Diego, CA
Giant Robot Gallery - San Francisco, CA, "One Hundred Beasts"
Grand Baz'Art à Bézu, Bézu St Eloi, France, "Outsider Art International Festival"
Chateau Corbin, Salle Gallilée, Liverdun, France, "Delicieusement Singuliers"
Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Benefit Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
Galleria Artevistas, Barcelona, Spain


Montanaro Gallery, Newport, RI
Fifty24SF Gallery, San Francisco, CA

BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA, "BMG Artists Annual"
Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, "These Bagels are Gnarly"
Bell & Wissell, Seattle, WA, "Beast Show"

BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA, "BMG Artists Annual"
Sikkema Jenkins & Co., Chelsea, NY, Visual AIDS "Postcards From the Edge" Benefit
Upper Playground PDX and FIFTY 24PDX Gallery, Portland, OR, "New Scenery"
Alberta College of Art and Design, Alberta, Canada, "Said and Done"
Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival, Whistler, BC, "Brave Art"
Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC, "Integrate"

NEAE - Keynote Speaker - Chicago, IL

5 day workshop - Idyllwild Arts - Idillwild, CA

4 week workshop tour - Melbourne, Sydney, Huskisson, Brisbane, Australia
5 day workshop - Pacific Northwest Art School - Widbey, WA
5 day workshop - Hacienda Mosaico - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mural Fest, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, "Connection through Creating"

Album Artwork - Listener - 7" record set cover Album Artwork - Small Leaks Sink Ships - 7" record cover

Skateboard and T-shirt design, Calskate 40th anniversary -- Portland, OR

Paramount Theatre - Permanent installation - Huntington, NY
Arbor Skateboards - Skateboard Design- Venice, CA
Armada Skis -Ski design - Costa Mesa, CA

Cal Sk8 - skateboard design - Portland, OR
Armanda Skis - ski design - Costa Mesa, CA
Sitka Surfboards - T-shirt design - Victoria, BC, Canada
Arbor Skateboards - T-shirt & skateboard design - Venice, CA


Grenade Gloves - Mamoth Lakes, CA, G.A.S. Coat & Glove Design
Merde Skateboards - Portlnd, OR, 2 skateboard designs.
Nike - Mexico City, Mexico - Exterior Mural
Upper Playground - San Francisco, CA, T-shirt Design


Mural Fest, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1000 sq. ft. mural

Local 35, Portland, OR, Dressing room installation and exterior mural


Laughing Horse Political Bookstore, Portland, OR, exterior mural
Pigwood Skateboards, Los Angeles, CA, Ragdoll deck art

NAC, Portland, OR, exterior mural

You Will Know When You Are Free - Art Book - Self Published
Collecting Stars And Wands - Art Book - Self Published
Fracture - Art Book - Self Published

Art and Makers - Summer 2015 - artist profile - England

Artension Magazine May-June 2014 - Artist Feature - France
Coast Magazine - Autumn 2014 - Artist Feature - Australia


"14 Artist Journals" book - Feature Artist
Gather Clouds Magazine Issue #3 - Feature Artist


YRB Magazine - Artist Profile - New York, NY

Destination Creativity, The Life Altering Journey Of The Art Retreat - Artist Spotlight
Contemporary Primitive Abstract Narrative- Self Published Catalog

Vallarta Tribune December Issue - show spotlight - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Somerset Studio Nov/Dec 2010 edition - artist portfolio - Laguna Hills, CA
Truth Myth Extinction - artist catalog

DPI Magazine - Taiwan - Featured artist.


Front for You vol. #9 - Belgium - Featured Artist

Jesse Reno at BLK/MRKT Gallery, Palo Alto, CA, Artweek, July/August Vol 38, Issue 6
DPI Magazine vol. # 99 - Taiwan - Featured Artist page 78.
BLK/MRKT Two, Los Angeles, CA, Published by BMG and Die Gestalten Verlag

Juxtapoz, San Francisco, CA, April, Issue 63
BLK/MRKT One, Los Angeles, CA, published by BMG and Die Gestalten Verlag
Beasts, Seattle, WA, Fantagraphics Publishing
Artension, Paris, France, September - October issue n?31

RAWVISION, Radlet, Herts, UK, Issue 51

"Jury Award" - Portland Open Studios - Portland, OR

Nomination for Pacific Northwest Artist of the Year

"Most Expressive Artist In Show" - Outsider Art Festival - St. Eloi, France

"Winning Muralist Representing USA" - International Mural Festival - Winnipeg, Canada


19Karen Gallery - Mermaid Beach, Australia
Galeria Exodo - San Juan, Puerto Rico
Artisti Gallerie -Rueil-Malmaison, France
Riversea Gallery - Astoria, OR

Self taught - mixed media painter - no formal education
Drawing since age 5, exhibiting since 2001
over 4000 paintings created to date