It’s Been a Good Week

its been a good week.. just finished up some great new pieces, my new stickers have been printed and are in and have been distributed around town, the new shirts from calsk8 just came out, and my personal custom guitar is finished and in my hands.. super stoked..

New Sticker


Calsk8 T-shirt

Click here to order. Thanks Paul!

Cal Sk8 Shirt Design - Front

Finished Guitar





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6 Responses to “It’s Been a Good Week”

  1. Gabriel Shaffer Says:

    Rock on

  2. Deryn Mentock Says:

    That guitar…wow. Incredible.

  3. andrew lavrinovich Says:

    Great work jesse, i look forward to randomly seeing you painting a window some time soon. keep up the flow.

  4. Imelda Lopez Says:

    Mr. Reno just wanted you to know today we worked on one of your projects at Gateway to Art here in Los Angeles. We all enjoyed your art and look forward to introducing your work to the kids. We parents did it step by step and the outcome was very amazing. I love your work.

  5. church Says:

    Is the guitar for sale? if so how much?

  6. Jesse Reno Says:

    this one isn’t, but there are a couple at 12th Fret guitar shop in Portland.

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