Live Painting Stop Animation Edit

I edited down the full length stop motion video of the 3 live paintings to follow a single painting, “Like and Love” from start to finish.

The full length video which covers the entire spectrum of a work cycle is still available on vimeo at

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5 Responses to “Live Painting Stop Animation Edit”

  1. Sarah Whitmire Says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I love your work. The video is amazing. I’m all signed up for your class at Art & Soul Virginia 2011. The class is actually on my birthday- what a great present to myself. haha Anyway, I see that you paint on wood panels…mind if I ask how you hang them? I did a painting once on wood but couldn’t figure out how to hang the darn thing. LOL

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!


  2. Jackie Says:

    Umm… that was insane. I’m looking forward to taking your workshop in Vancouver and meeting you.

  3. Cheryl Connell Says:

    Dude. Awesome. I just have to ask though 1. How do you know you’re done?!!
    and 2. Do you ever go agh, I should have left it alone?

    A blog post on these questions would be most helpful. Or just a reply to me.

    I see you are in Artfest now, so wishing I could go again. Maybe it will be in the cards. (fingers crossed)


  4. Celiagart Says:


    This video is very interesting.
    Your brush strokes are magic!
    The process and the result will be really extra. I loooove it !!!

    The music of this video, where can I find it?
    can we find somewhere to download or others, please?
    I love your sounds, they are really addictive.

    (and, sorry for my pitiful english, again)



  5. Jesse Reno Says:

    Hi Celia! Thank you for the compliments! The music in the video should be released sometime this year on my new album. In the meantime you can check out my band Power Circus on my website.. Cheers!

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