Final Progress Video for “Let The Unicorn Guide Your Steps”

I might have called the previous video the final one, but this one is the real final video.

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2 Responses to “Final Progress Video for “Let The Unicorn Guide Your Steps””

  1. Melanie Lee Says:

    I see so many wonderful and captivating pictures in the process, it boggles my mind… so happy to see to progress video…each step in the painting could be a painting of its own, a book even, just on each painting you do, with all the variations & creativity that flows & comes to light.
    You are a creative genius, love love love your work!!!
    Cheers Mel

  2. Lisa Says:

    WOW, that one went through a lot of changes!

    You added Artfest classes right after I had to cancel my reservations! Hope you have a great time there. :-)

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