class at hacienda mosaico

just wanted to share some pics from my recent class at hacienda mosaico.. this is by far my favorite place to teach and share what i do. the climate, atmosphere and studio are tops.. 5 days of painting with the best meals cooked for us each day on site, and margaritas waiting for us after class. not much more to want. 24hr studio access, a pool, open air it seriously does not get any better.. thanks to all that attended i had a great group this year and a sold out class within weeks of posting.. just getting ready to lock down dates for next year and it looks like the class will be about 3/4’s full with returning students so if you want in you but decide fast.. there will also be a second class here in the beginning of January from the 2nd – 6th, it will be 5 days half day work schedule, with all day studio access its geared towards locals but there are a few people flying in and staying at the hacienda there are a few spots left for anyone interested. here is the link –


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  1. kecia Says:

    thanks for a wonderful class – you are absolutely right – the environment was KEY to a relaxing, fun and creative class. the setting, the warmth, the food, the people, the lodging (dibs on room for next year!)

    i’ve already announced to the family that i shall be going back next year!



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