painting animation, 30,000 frames, 36hrs, 4 days, 3 paintings start to finish

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

this video documents jesse reno’s painting process, as he works on 4 paintings simutaniously from start to finish. one of the paintings becomes collaged into one of the others so he ends with 3 finished pieces. the idea was to document jesse’s process as pure and true to form as possible. jumping from one piece to another and back again as the impulses and urges push and pull him. painting over layer after layer as he searches for just the right feeling, composition, meaning, and colors he needs to see to call a painting finished. through out the video there are still shots that hold every so often to help the viewer better see each piece in its entirety durring its process. this should help you the viewer keep track of whats going on.. good might need to see it twice to fully understand it..

the video was shot over the course of 4 days, in the course of aproximatly 36 hrs. it was all shot as a series of still photographs adding up to approximatly 37,000 photos. wisa knuuttila shot all the photos and assembled them into the animation. jesse composed, recorded, and produced all the music.

Below are the three finished pieces from the animation.

Interview by Fuel TV

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Fuel TV was in town a few weeks back. I hooked up with them and they shot this rad 2 minute video featuring my work and some thoughts about the art scene here in Portland. Click here to view the video.

How to Paint Like A Famous Artist – Jesse Reno

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Just found this video that my friend Charlie made: how 2 paint like famous artists -3 “Jesse Reno”. Check it out and then check out his work at

Mexico City – Live Paint

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

A video of the Mural I painted as part of Art Fest in Mexico in summer of 2008.

Artfest was a three-day festival held in the late summer of 2008 in Mexico City, Mexico. Eight international artists were invited to participate and produce 11′ x 11′ painting which would later be installed in a community youth center with a strong focus on the arts. Artists were given multiple opportunities to engage with residents of Mexico City including lectures at multiple art galleries, round table discussions and a special question and answer session with local youth focusing on what is involved in being a full-time artist.

Video Interview

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

I sat down with Darren (part of the crew from Brave Art) for a video interview.