Workshop Materials

Please check with your specific workshop for which materials you need. Not all workshops need all materials.

If you want to use exactly what I use, here is a list of the materials along with their product numbers at the website that I purchase all of my stuff from. As far as I know, it is the cheapest place to get everything you need.

Dick Blick Art Materials

Paints (cost approx 3.99 each)
blockout white (pint) - product# 00711-1086
bright red (pint) - product# 00711-3076
chrome yellow (pint) - product# 00711-4156
phthalo blue (pint) - product# 00711-5146
mars black (pint) - product# 00711-2046

Oil Pastels (cost aprox .65 each)
white - product# 20012-1000
burnt sienna - product# 20012-8040
pale blue - product# 20012-5010

bristol Paper Pads (cost aprox 15.00)
100 lb Bristol paper 19"x24" - product# 13307-1011

Brushes I would purchase below, or bring any you have from other projects. Too many choices to get specific. I use cheap brushes myself as I destroy them within a months time regardless of quality.
I generally use 4 brushes.
3/4" flat
1/4" flat
1.5" flat
3/4" fan

Clear Coat
I seal everything with a clear coat of poly-gloss medium. I use a foam roller to apply the medium which keeps anything from smearing and seals all the materials to keep anything from smudging..
Polymer Gloss Medium - product# 00711-1026

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.