• FEB 2018 (Portland, OR) - Art&Soul Portland. 3 day & 1 day classes. Feb 11-18. & Feb 16-18
  • MAR 2018 (Huntersville, NC) - 3 day workshop. March 23-25th. Sold out. Wait list here..Donna Downey Studios
  • JUNE 2018 (Idyllwild, CA) - 5 day workshop at Idyllwild Arts. June 25-29th. Register here..Idyllwild Arts
  • May 2018 (Portland, OR) - Level 1 Workshop. info and sign up May 17-21st
  • July 2018 (Portland, OR) - advanced workshop. info and sign up July 19th - 23rd
  • Sept 2018 (Portland, OR) - open level Workshop. info and sign up Septmeber 20th - 24th


    The techniques and underlying ideas focus on staying expressed within our process. not worrying about making mistakes rather learning to adapt fix and use our mistakes to create images that would otherwise not be possible. building a flow that teaches us to observe and follow freely based on our feelings about our work. teaching us to change directions to find new and unimaginable outcomes. a process built on experimentation and exploration.

    Click the image below to watch a video of the speech I gave about my art and career at the 2016 National Art Education Association convention in Chicago, IL...

    Visit my youtube channel to view more interviews and videos showing my process.


    "Working with Jesse gets my creative juices flowing. He reminds me to dance with the paint, not to force a solution on the painting, but to respond to a combination of what is within me and what emerges on the canvas. Jesse's unique approach to life and painting inspire me to be more appreciative and curious about what I will discover next with the brush. He reminds me to be fascinated, patient, strong, gentle, delighted, and bold." - Jacqui Beck

    "I have taken 4 workshops with Jesse-each one I gained RENEWED perspective on approaching paintings from an "UNPLANNED" approach. He uses a variety of creative prompts, mark making, and exercise to jump start the creative process. I enjoyed his mix of class techniques-fast paced prompts, live demonstrations, and plenty of time to work independently with his guidance and input. Along with strengthening my painting techniques, I have also applied his techniques to my art journaling and have gained a new found trust in the creative process" - Jo K. Quetsch

    "I've taken both a two day and a five day class with Jesse. The two day class gave me all the basics of his process. I credit him with being the person who got me painting. The five day class not only helped me to better understand his process, but it also made me be more aware of the choices - in particular, the choices I make regarding "contrast" in my paintings - in color, intensity, size and texture. The structure of his classes, with both demo time and work time keep things moving and allow plenty of time for questions and practice. His way of talking aloud while he is painting is really a helpful teaching tool. Jesse is funny and supportive. He understands that art is life and life is art. I loved painting with him!" - Samyak Yamauchi