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in-Studio Workshop 2017

Although I have decided to take a brake this year from my regular teaching schedule I have received many requests that I teach workshops and have decided to do advanced workshops in my studio .The time I have taken has give me space to explore my own work and focus on personal projects. In this time I have learned a lot about where I've been and where I'm going, about my own work flow, and about what really keeps me going creatively.

These workshops will be advanced level and I will be pushing you to do more and try more. As you know my work has been changing drastically over the last couple years. I am still using my same ideas and techniques. I want to teach you how to use my techniques in your own style and help you find your own voice in your work. These workshops will be the only ones I am scheduling this year, so that I may continue to have space for personal growth. I am curating these classes with students who I have personally seen push their work and creativity forward during and after class. This will create a group dynamic allowing the group to really push themselves and each other.

I am offering two workshops at this time, 8 students each, 5days, $900.

pay and sign up via links below